Lose Weight And Inches for your next Vacation!

See the image on the right?  These are the body wraps that everyone is talking about.  You can see results in as little as 45 minutes!  And the effect lasts days!  Better yet, you can repeat the process every 3 days to reach your goals for vacation!  The reason they call the company ItWorks!  Is because it does.  You can sign up as a loyal customer and get the wraps at wholesale – only $15 a wrap!!!!

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Vacation for less

Tired of High Priced Vacation Rentals?

Save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your next vacation!


It’s very simple.  We own shares of a vacation club/time share.  This allows us to share our discounted rental price with family, friends and associates.  Contact us before you schedule your next vacation or all inclusive vacation.  We’ll give you our price.  You have NOTHING TO LOSE!

Email us to check availability at vacationsforless

And it’s not a normal vacation club/time share.  For example:

It’s Global!

Yes, you can use it at any of our 4500 global resorts!  The lists are on the right.

It’s not limited by time!

You can go any week you want, and for as many weeks as you want!  Even when we or others are traveling that SAME WEEK!  We’ve even had retired clients stay months at a time our Dominican Republic resort.

VIP Benefits!

Stay through is and All Inclusive Resorts will give you access to our VIP Member Benefits!  Those are featured on the right as well.

Email us to check availability at vacationsforless

Access to our All Inclusive Pricing!

Even better,  some of these resorts are All Inclusive (mostly Caribbean).   So for less than $50/day (current pricing), you can have all the food and drinks made with top shelf liquor that you want!   You just can’t beat it.

And it’s not limited by number of people!

You can bring as many people as you want – or have your friends book through us.  We have rooms that can accommodate all your family and friends!

You just take care of your transportation .

Subject to availability at the specific resort or hotel.  Some hotels require a significant lead time for reservations, especially during peak periods.


You Have Nothing To Lose.

Email us to check availability at vacationsforless

*All-Inclusive pricing varies by the destination.  For example, Puerto Plata is $47.50/day/person where Punta Cana is more.  The Bahamas is around $70/day/person.  We’ll confirm as we work out your vacation for less and location.

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